Commercial Diving Operations Inshore / Offshore

NORTHERN DIVERS (ENG) LTD specialise in underwater civil engineering, commercial diving to 50 meters, inland and coastal work (up to 12 miles offshore), harbour and dock maintenance, salvage, sluice / gate maintenance, structural inspections and repairs, windfarm operations, hydrographical surveys, bridge inspections and pipeline installations, to name but a few of our services.

Northern Divers (Eng) Ltd, supply qualified and experienced marine and technical personnel for inshore/offshore marine services, facilitating all of your inshore/offshore requirements.

We offer the latest diving technology, including the new Nitrox breathing gas unit, which is capable of providing Nitrox in a safe manner, with an endless supply. The Nitrox breathing gas also enables longer and safer dive times.

Northern Divers (Eng) Ltd offers a wide range of marine and underwater support services to the inshore/offshore gas and power industries. We are able to provide the experience and knowledge required to get the job done, on time, and on budget, from simple consultancy services to lead contracting roles such as:

  • Salvage
  • Structural inspections and repairs
  • Underwater infrastructure construction and installation support
  • Pipeline installation services and support
  • Hydrographical surveys
  • Pipe Spool Piece Installation
  • Dredging
  • Underwater Concreting and Shuttering
  • Underwater Lifting And Bag Work
  • Timber Pile Cutting
  • Cable Installation And Burial
  • Reservoir And River Works
  • Underwater Cutting And Welding
  • Dock And Quay Repairs
  • Airlifting
  • Scaffold Erection and Dismantling
  • Ship Maintenance
  • H.P. Water Jetting

We also provide vessel and logistical support to offshore projects.

24 Hour Call Out

Northern Divers (Eng) Ltd Emergency 24-hour call out. Whatever you require, we will be on hand to help with a team of qualified divers

24 hours a day 365 days a year

Call: +44(0)1482 227276

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