Combi DDC

NORTHERN DIVERS (ENG) LTD Built within a standard 20ft ISO Container externally finished in marine grade paint. The container has internal thermal insulation to the bulkhead walls and ceiling area and is temperature controlled. The floor area is finished with an anti-slip aluminium chequer plate covering.

Northern Divers (Eng) Ltd  Comb DCC container is outfitted with the following hardware sufficient to support safe Air / Nitrox diving operations complete with shortened 60” Decompression Chamber allowing for minimal deck space requirement.

Full Spec List Below:

  • 60” Decompression Chamber
  • 10 x 50 Ltr Cylinder HP Supply
  • 3 Diver Panel
  • Oxygen Cleaned ready for Nitrox’s usage
  • 2 x 125m Diving Umbilical’s
  • 2 x 150ltr LP Air Storage 
  • C-Tecnics 2 Diver Camera system with Comms 
  • Script Writing
  • VHF Radio
  • 3 x 50ltr Cylinder HP back up air
  • 1 x KMB 37 Stainless Steel Helmet
  • 1 x KMB 18 (St/by) Hemet
  • 1 x Helmet Spares
  • 2 x HP quads Air/Nitroxs
  • 1 x HP Quad Medicated Oxygen
  • 2 x AR Recovery Vest 
  • 2 x 12ltr Bailout Cylinders
  • CCTV monitoring (Deck, Dive control etc)  

24 Hour Call Out

Northern Divers (Eng) Ltd Emergency 24-hour call out. Whatever you require, we will be on hand to help with a team of qualified divers

24 hours a day 365 days a year

Call: +44(0)1482 227276

A team of qualified divers will be on
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