NORTHERN DIVERS (ENG) LTD supply qualified and experienced marine and technical personnel for inshore/offshore marine services, facilitating all inshore/offshore requirements. We offer the latest diving technology, including the new Nitrox breathing gas unit, which is capable of providing Nitrox in a safe manner, with an endless supply.

Our expertise in underwater civil engineering, flexible and professional workforce and past experiences in wind farm operations, repairs, maintenance and installation, make Northern Divers the perfect partner for the renewable energy industry.

Northern Divers has always maintained a lead in underwater technology and has the most up-to-date diving, inspection, maintenance and repair equipment. We're ready for the job.

Recent Works Have Involved:

  • Assistance with UXO inspections
  • Monopile inspections
  • Installation of Cable Clamps
  • Installation of Scour protection
  • Cable movements
  • Debris Recovery
  • Removal of Damaged Cables
  • Call Off Works
  • Design
  • 24hr Emergency Call Out Service

Recent works in the wind industry have required the development and design input by ourselves enabling problem solving and redesign prior to deployment to the field. These inputs from our highly experienced team not only removed many safety issues to the diver but also enabled the time saving on the installation by over 50% also enable time and cost savings to the client.


24 Hour Call Out

Northern Divers (Eng) Ltd Emergency 24-hour call out. Whatever you require, we will be on hand to help with a team of qualified divers

24 hours a day 365 days a year

Call: +44(0)1482 227276

A team of qualified divers will be on
their way to your location.