Safety Boats & Pontoon Hire

NORTHERN DIVERS (ENG) LTD Northern Divers have a fleet of both small and large vessels for hire for marine construction, civil engineering and environmental projects..

We’re able to supply commercial safety boats for a wide range of projects from on-water installations and contract works such as scaffolding erection and bridge inspections through to flood repairs and environmental surveys in both inland and coastal areas.

As part of our safety boat services, all our boats will be supplied  with a qualified and competent skipper with additional experienced personnel to assist.

We also have the availability of a modular pontoon system which can be easily deployed  to any location to allow access to structures. This combined with a 6.2m max height scaffold rig makes a very versatile combination for carrying out any remote bridge or structure inspection. The pontoon system can be made into any shape allowing A frame gantry’s to be placed onto the system to allow heavy weights to be lifted or deployed underwater.

24 Hour Call Out

Northern Divers (Eng) Ltd Emergency 24-hour call out. Whatever you require, we will be on hand to help with a team of qualified divers

24 hours a day 365 days a year

Call: +44(0)1482 227276

A team of qualified divers will be on
their way to your location.