Salvage Operations

NORTHERN DIVERS (ENG) LTD have been involved in salvage operations since 1963 and worked alongside some of the most renowned salvage master in the world. Over the years we have salvage almost every object / vessel or vehicle from the water. An example of a few of these items are 500ton cranes, WWI German U Boat, airplanes, cars, tractors, lorry’s, forklifts, 97,000 ton cargo vessel, lock gates, fishing boats and countless dropped objects.

Our clients appreciate our ability to get materials and heavy equipment to destinations worldwide. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, Northern Divers have what it takes to perform salvage work or underwater construction projects.

Our innovative solutions and rapid response have made us the first choice for marine salvage industry, diving and salvage operations. We work closely with environmental agencies to ensure every project is managed in the best interest of our customers. This combination of expertise provides you with a single point of contact for all your diving and salvage requirements.

When the pressure is on to solve the problem quickly and efficiently, Northern Divers are ready, around the clock, to respond with the equipment and expertise to stabilise and control even the most difficult situations. Northern Divers brings with it more than over 40 years of varied experience to every emergency response situation.

24 Hour Call Out

Northern Divers (Eng) Ltd Emergency 24-hour call out. Whatever you require, we will be on hand to help with a team of qualified divers

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